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Rajiv's Comments in the News - Automatic EAD extension to benefit spouses of H-1B workers in the US - Gadgets Now by TOI

Published by: Gadgets Now by TOI: May 06, 2022

Quotes and Excerpts from Rajiv in the article:

However, immigration lawyers pointed out that this would be useful only for as long as your status was valid. "For most of the H-4 holders who file for these extensions, their status is expiring at the same time as their EAD, and they would not benefit from this," said Rajiv S Khanna, Managing Partner at

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Rajiv's Article - Can you change your tourist visa into a student or work visa once you've landed in the US?

Published by: The Economic Times - Date: April 28, 2022

A change of status means a change in your intention. For example, when you obtain a visa and enter the USA, you would have expressed to the US government your intention of a brief visit. The change in such intention can be construed to be deliberate and preconceived. If such preconception is deemed misleading, you could be barred from entering the US for ever.

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The Economic Times NRI Helpdesk: Can I extend my US visitor visa before it expires? And other FAQ's answered by Rajiv S. Khanna

Question: I have a visitor visa for the USA for multiple visits up to June-2023. Can I apply for an extension of the visa before the expiry date? Also, advise procedure for extensions and where I can get the application form, so I can keep all details ready.

Answer: I am not aware if there is a procedure to apply for a visitor visa extension before expiration. You can send an email to the consulate to confirm. There is, however, a restriction under the consular standard operating procedures on holding concurrently valid visas of the same type.