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FAQ: Investing/doing business while on H-1

Other issues: green card approved during your absence from the USA, H-1 quota exemption issues, business visas, travelling on H-1 visa, company harassing employee, H-1 approval vendor, revocation of I-140 and priority date, J-1 Home Residency Requirement, H-1B with a three year degree or two three-year degrees, two visas on passport, CSPA for over 21 child, experience letters.

Did You Know? A Green Card Does Not Always Have a Signature

USCIS wants you to know that Green Cards (also known as Permanent Resident Cards) do not always include the holder’s signature. In limited cases, USCIS may waive the signature requirement for certain people, such as children under the age of consent or individuals who are physically unable to provide a signature.

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FAQ: H-4 EAD filing while H-1 extension is pending; H-4 EAD. Converting from H-1 to H-4 EAD - good idea or not? H-4 EAD. Documents needed; name issues; processing times, etc.; H-4 EAD Expediting Possible?
Other Topics: Green card issues because of diseases; H-1 amendment with change of location; when is a degree considered to be completed;

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Discussed: FAQ Dual intent visas and filing green Card in multiple categories simultaneously, CSPA, Denial of F-1 student visa, FAQ: H-1 Receiving payments for past work/bonus (1099), change of location H-1B amendment, AC21 green card portability, naturalization, J-1 waiver, H-4 EAD: travel, fingerprinting, reentry permit 

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Zinnia Mukherjee 
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United States

I had a brief a phone appointment with Mr. Khanna this morning. He was very friendly, understanding, and patient about hearing my situation regarding permanent residency. I found his advice to be excellent. Also, I found his team to be very responsive, efficient, and thoroughly professional.


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