May physicians process GC during residency?

Is it possible to start GC process during my first year medical residency if my hospital agrees. Have you dealt with cases like this.

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The essence of a green card application is that it is meant to be for a job in the future. 

Thus, where an employee is currently working or working before obtaining a green card
approval is largely irrelevant.

You must, however, be fully qualified to take the job on the date the PERM application is filed. So, if the State in which you are filing your GC, permits you to get a license to practice in 2nd year of residency, you can file only in the second year.

The process is also governed by good faith. You must have a good faith intention of joining the employer and the employer must have the intention of hiring you. Do you actually have to join the employer? Well, probably not. Look at the law on AC21.

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