Employment Based Green Cards

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Discussed: FAQ on Requirements for Extension of H-1 beyond 6 years; applying for visa from third country (TCN); after getting green card, how soon can I change jobs; birth certificate problems; H-4 EAD COS pending; File green card while on H-4; H-4 EAD - Can we own our business? Do we have to run own payroll? And  Applying for H-1 visa; US options for Canadian; applying H-1 through multiple employers; EB-5 for ; dentist; affidavit of support; EB-2 with 10 years of experience; EB-5 buy existing business; error on EAD; ; E-2 visa; priority date carry over; L-1A org chart, etc.

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Gayathri S
United States

Its been about a year since I have interacted with the Law office of Rajiv Khanna and I have found them to be very knowledgeable and experienced with the whole immigration and Green Card process. They have been quick to answer any questions and efficient throughout the course of the application. Thanks to the team for making the ordeal of the entire process a lot more simplified!

Status of the H-4 EAD regulations

See clip from Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna's conference call video that addresses this question.  


FAQ Transcript:

This FAQ is about H-1 quota, how does H-1 quota work?

I think this is an issue important for many people.

Question: I am on L-1 A, If I get H-1B this April, is it mandatory to work from October 1st. Can I continue on L-1A and then change to H-1B when I like.

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