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Adjustment of Status Application for Family-Sponsored or Employment-Based Preference Visas: August 2017

Are you seeking to adjust your status and become a U.S. permanent resident under a family-sponsored or employment-based preference immigrant visa? If you have not yet had a relative or employer file an immigrant visa petition on your behalf, please learn more about the Adjustment of Status Filing Process.

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Discussion Topics, Thursday, 18 May 2017: 
FAQ: Is it legal to work for a foreign based company in the USA? || Changing employers after I-140 approval; impact on H-1, green card, H-4 EAD, etc. || Physicians (FMG) NIW, AC21 portability, teaching to clinical position || Impact of a misdemeanor under Trump EO || Extending H-1/H-4EAD; working while extension pending || Filing green card through multiple categories or employers and/or family simultaneously || Activities permitted under H-4 EAD.
Other: Losing H-4 status when using EAD under I-485 || Can a child enroll in school under G-4 visa? || Acquiring Canadian nationality || Changing H-1 visa after changing employers during 60 days grace period|| H-1B changing employers while transfer or extension is pending || Taking a 6-month break on H-1, H-1 quota || L-1 to F-1 change of status || Adoption under US laws || Getting paid on 1099 || H-1B amendment when company acquired, etc.

USCIS Adjustment of Status ( I-485 ) Filing Date Charts from the Visa Bulletin

If USCIS determines that there are more immigrant visas available for a fiscal year than there are known applicants for such visas, we will state on this page that you may use the Dates for Filing Visa Applications chart. Otherwise, we will indicate on this page that you must use the Application Final Action Dates chart to determine when you may file your adjustment of status application.

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Mr. Khanna is very competent, and is supported by a very prompt and proactive staff. He suggested me one of the best ways, given my situation, to obtain permanent residency (Green Card), and navigated through the various questions from the USCIS expertly. As a legal professional (from a different field of law), and as someone who has dealt with a few other immigration attorneys, I rate him and his practice among the best. Highly recommended!


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