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Guestbook Entry for Ram Naresh Ganti , United States

Ram Naresh Ganti
United States

Mr. Rajiv and team are amazing. They really supported our GC processing by all means. The immigration Portal is so informative and helpful in making critical decisions.

Rajiv, Subha, Leila, Suman, Lakshmi, Charu, Prerana, Richa every one were so helpful during the process.

They were consistently supporting during the long process of 3years and 9 months to get our GC.

I wish many more other clients of this company will succeed like us in getting their GC because this talented team help.

Guestbook Entry for Kathiravan Chidambaram, United States

Kathiravan Chidambaram
United States

I got the GC, ending the long wait...Even though the journey was long ,the Friendly office of Rajiv S.Khanna(sorry to tweak the name) helped it to be smooth by taking care of all the minute details. I felt like a strong manager for having delegated an important work in my life, to a highly professional bunch and just went on with my life without worrying about anything. I was fortunate to meet many in the group in person.They were even more friendly and helpful whenever I went to their office.
As we all know one of the important topic in Desi gathering is GC and I was always proud of saying that
I am being taken care by Rajiv Khanna and here afterwards I will proudly say that I was taken care off by the "Friendly office of Rajiv S.Khanna"
Above all let me ask Leila something. "Leila, your friendly attitude and that wonderful gracious smile all the that Gods special gift for you"

EAD and Advance Parole

Madhu C Kodamasimham
United States

EAD and Advance Parole was applied and Jul 8, 2004 along with I140 and I485(concurrent). Received by Vermont service center on Jul 13, 2004. Approved on Jul 28,2004. Recieved EAD card on Aug 2,2004. I saw on Web my advance parole also was approved.So EAD and Advance parole in 15 days.

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I-941, Application for Entrepreneur Parole

Form I-941, Application for Entrepreneur Parole, is for entrepreneurs to: (1) make an initial request for parole based upon significant public benefit, (2) a subsequent request for parole for an additional period, or (3) file an amended application to notify USCIS of a material change.

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FAQ: Trump’s executive order - effect on H-1B visas, I-485 approved while outside the USA - travel on AP or GC, H-1B 60 days grace period explained, Joining an employer after green card approval, H-1B title "Programmers" and USCIS site visits, Getting unemployment payments on H-1B, Travel while H-4 EAD is pending.
Other: Traveling during extension pending and H-1B visa stamping with 2 months left, CSPA issues, H-1B amendment for working from home, Green card through CP issues I-864, etc. H-1B and I-140 revoked, Reentry permit, Changing employers and H-1B visa stamping, H-1B visa stamping issues, Entry-exit process, etc.

Changing Employers With An Approved I-140 After January 17 2017

You can continue to extend your H-1 even after I-140 is revoked by the employer, IF, the revocation was sent more than 180 days after I-140 approval.

Under AC21, you do not have to start a new green card if:

1. Your I-140 is approved;

2. Your I-485 has been pending for 180 days or more;

3. You will take an employment same as or similar to your green card job; and

4. You file Supplement J.

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