Successful K1 Visa (I-129 f) Expedite Request

United States

Just wanted to let people know that it IS possible to get the I-129f processed in an expedited basis. (Note that this is just the I-129 f part of the whole K1 visa process - but it normally is the longest part)

My Fiancee lives in a country that was struck by a natural disaster, so I requited under 'Humanitarian Basis' that the I-129f application that I filed be processed in an expedited basis because of the prevailing humanitarian conditions in the country my Fiancee was living in. I wrote a simple 1 page letter explaining the situation and attached it to the I-129f application. That's it.

Normally, the Texas Service Center would take 5 months to process an I-129f application. Mine was processed in ~2 months.

This did not speed up the other parts of the K1 Visa journey, like the time it takes to transfer a file from the NVC to the Embassy, but again, they are shorter anyway.

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