Successful J-1 Waiver based on No Objection Statement - NIGERIA (2013)

United States

Hi guys,

During the process of applying for my waiver, I got a lot of useful information online that helped me submit a successful waiver application. This by no means eased my apprehension during my waiting period. I'm happy to announce that my waiver got approved last week and I am now at peace . My timeline is below. The process of obtaining NOS from the Nigerian Consulate in DC is very straightforward. I was granted the NOS about 9 days after they received my application. One thing I think is important is that you really understand your J-1 situation before applying for a waiver. I prepared the entire application myself and asked questions before submitting. My situation was a good case for NOS-based waiver. I attended grad school on F-1 visa and only got J-1 because that was the visa type attached to the job offer I got after graduation. Very lucky for me, I was paid only with private funds and not government funds, otherwise this would have changed the dynamic. In any case, the process was still emotionally draining.

USCIS approved the Favorable Recommendation exactly 6 weeks after receiving it from DOS

Recommendation Sent March 15, 2013, received by USCIS March 18

No Objection Statement Received March 11, 2013. This time reflects when it posted online although it was sent to DOS about a week earlier

The documents below were actually received in Missouri on February 20. The dates below reflect when it posted online.

Fee Received March 04, 2013
Form DS-3035 Received March 04, 2013
Form DS-2019 Received March 04, 2013
Passport Data Page Received March 04, 2013
Statement Of Reason Received March 04, 2013

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