I went to San Jose (CA) office and got the interim EAD

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United States

I went to San Jose (CA) office and got the interim EAD. Following is my experience." I and my wife went to San Jose Office on 20th Nov 2003. This was actually 91st day from my recipt date of both I-485 and I-765. Reached there at 7 O clock and found around 50 people ahead of me in the line. Got in at around 8, got a token. I was called at 9. The officer asked me for the filled out application forms, receipt notices and then asked about my I-140. I told him that my I-140 along with my I-485 and I-765 is pending. He asked me for copy of my I-140 receipt notice. Then he verified all the information on the form as well as my I-140 and I-485 from my passport/drivers license and also from his own records that he pulled out from his computer and printed out that information. Gave me the approved stapled forms and asked me to go to the cashier. I didnt have to pay anything to the cashiers and just submitted the forms given to me by the officer. Cashier said that my name will be called. I was called after 45 minutes and at 11, I was outside the building. My advise is --there is no need of going very early. Even if you reach there by 9 there will be very few people ahead of you. The staff is very polite. One issue was clearly resolved which was my main point of my apprehension and that is they do issue interim EADs with pending I-140. "

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