Orlando, FL - N-400 Timeline

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United States

Interview done and Recommended for approval.
I have been impressed with the Orlando office. Ours was a very good experience. We arrived 20 mins early got checked in and were called on time for interview. 8 am for me 8:30 for my wife.
I was sworn in by my interviewer a really nice ex marine. Basically told me everything was a formality and as our case was straight forward we would be approved. Gave me the test as we chatted and he did the paper work.
Who was 1st Prez
What is capital of my state
When do celebrate independence
What last day to send in Taxes
What is capital of USA
Who is current Prez
Signed my photo's and the form that they use for the certificate
he gave me the form with the results check on passed test and recommended for approval and I was done. Took about 30 mins cause We chatted while he filled out the paper work. All in all a really cool experience.
My wife went about same way even same questions her's took 45 mins cause her guy was slow and meticulous with her paper work. she had to get police report cause fP did not take twice.
Now we wait for Oath letter. Wanted a 4th of July at Disney but they don't do that any more cause Disney upped charges.

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