After Interview Police Clearance requested after clearing civic and english tests

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United States

Step 1
I had my Citizenship Interview today at 1450 Coleman Ave Santa Clara CA -95050
Got through the civic & english tests
But the officer gave me a N-14 and N-652 Naturalization/Interview Results forms

Step 2
The N-14 form says
The fingerprints you have taken were rejected twice by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as
unclassifiable. In lieu of obtaining another set of fingerpritns, USCIS regulations require you to
obtain police clearances form all cities that you have lived in from 01/07/2008 to the present.
This includes, but npt limited to: Sanjose, California, Santa Clara California, Sunnyvale California or
Santa Clara County, California.

Step 3
I went to Santa Clara Sheriff's Office at 55 W.Younger Ave San Jose, CA 95110
Showed them the N-14 letter.

Step 4
The officer at their gave me a sealed letter and told me that she mentioned the current address only
(in the sealed letter addressed to USDeoartment of Homeland Security 1887 Monterey Road Sanjoe CA - 95112)

Step 5
I requested the officer to add/mention the other address I last lived in the letter.
But she said "she can't do that" coz the driver license has the current address only.

Step 6
Now the question is what should I do?
Since the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (as given above) said they need police clearance
for the past five where I lived.

Though both the places I lived (Santa Clara and Currently Sanjose) come under
Santa Clara County Sheriff Department.

I am confussed whether to just mail the sealed letter (which I got from the sheriff's office)
along with the letter (N-14) to the US Department of Homeland Security office.

I mailed the Police Clearance letter on Apr-09-2013 to US Department of Homeland Security 1887 Monterey Road Sanjose CA - 95112

Today I checked my case status and it shows as given under.

Oath Ceremony
On May 1, 2013, we scheduled you for your oath ceremony and sent a notice providing the date, time, and location. If you move prior to the scheduled ceremony, please use our Change of Address online tool to update your case with your new address or call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.

Naturalization Applicants: you will receive your certificate at your oath ceremony. You can expect to be scheduled for an oath ceremony within 45 days of receiving your recommended approval. Many offices schedule approved applicants for the oath ceremony on the same day as the day of the interview. Please check the local office profile page on our website to determine if the office where you will be interviewed schedules same day oath ceremonies.


Citizenship and Naturalization: