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I have a friend who is having L1 visa came USA two years before on L1 working in Company A. After coming USA he applied for H1 and got approved in 2008 October thru Company B. His status from L1 to H1 is also changed in Oct 2008. The candidate is still working in the company A (with L1 Visa).
1) How long he can work in Company B(with L1 visa)? (due to market down he is not getting job and may take time to get job on H1 Visa, to come out of the company A (L1)
What is the time limit to shift to H1 company from L1 company after change of status to H1 from L1.
2) Is there any impact in future (in H1 extensions or in Green Card process) if he continues to work in the same company A (with L1 Visa, even though his change of status is changed to H1 with new I-94 number)?

I think I have mentioned this in my blog earlier. Once the COS is approved and kicks in (October 1, 2008), he is NOT on L-1 hence the work on L-1 is illegal. This can have an impact on several things.

To correct matters, he must immediately reenter USA with an L-1 visa or apply for COS back to L-1.

L-1 - H-1 COS issues

Facts - I am on an L1 visa working for employer A and my wife is on L2-EAD. We both applied for H1 visa through Employer B and it got approved recently. I am not sure if Employer B (Consulting Company) has applied for COS while applying for both of ours H1 visa. Could you answer the following queries for both (COS applied and COS not applied) conditions during H1 application.


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QSSI is an IT Consulting Company located in Gaithersburg, MD with a staff strength of 120+ . We have been working with Rajiv Khanna's office for close to four years. They are the best. Rajiv's staff is very knowledgeable, dedicated, prompt and professional. Rajiv is always willing to talk anyone who needs legal counsel for immigration. We are very impressed with their service, though it is tough to single out an individual, as we find all of them to be real professionals but would still want to single out the few: Rena, Anna, Mathew, Amrita, Suman, Hellen and of course Rajiv.

EAD for a L2 Visa

I had applied for an EAD for a L2 Visa. Although I entered the information correctly, USCIS rejected the application stating that I applied under a wrong category. I called them multiple times to explain this and there was no proper response. Some even suggested me to reapply and start all over again. I sent a mail to Rajiv and he suggested contacting the local Congressman's office. I explained these details to a member of my local congressman's office and she was able to contact USCIS and get the EAD approved.

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