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Rules for Counting 6 Years of H-1B

I got H-1B approval in August 2013 valid from Oct 2013 to Sept 2016. After this, I traveled to the US in August 2014 on H-1B & I am here till now. My question is, till what time I can stay in the USA. I know for H-1B we get 6 years. But will this count my earlier stay on L-1B? For more than 2 years, I didn't enter to the US. Will it be until August 2020 or ( August 2020 minus the L1B stay ) ?

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L1A – Multinational Manager

We won a case following a Request for Evidence that requested additional proof of the relationship between the entities, verification of employment abroad in a managerial role for one continuous year prior to entering the US, as well as additional details of the proposed managerial position in the U.S. Initially we submitted documentation to establish the relationship between the U.S.

Nonimmigrant Visas: 

L1A – Multinational Manager

We won a case for an applicant who primarily served as a function manager, but also managed a few professionals. We provided extensive details regarding the job duties of the beneficiary for both the foreign entity position as well as the proposed US position. We outlined the proposed duties in detail and assigned a percentage to each task indicating how much time was allotted to complete the task.

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Nonimmigrant Visas: 
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