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Discussion Topics

FAQ: When does one become H-1B cap exempt? || Filing EB-1C, International Managers or Executives green card || Erroneously given longer duration on H-1B than eligible || Porting green card to a self owned company under AC21 portability || AC21 green card portability for a lateral move from developer to analyst || Revocation of H-4 EAD rules || H-1B RFE for specialty occupation || TN applying for green card ||

Other: I-94 through new company H-1B || Issues related to H-1B transfer, not joining an employer, etc. || Changing for H-1B to H-4 EAD and back to H-1B || Denial of I-751 to remove conditional status’; NTA issued || Green card AOS/I-485 interviews for employment based applicants || Background checks for visa stamping || I-824 processing times for obtaining duplicate approval notice || Refund of premium processing fee || Getting F-1 visa from a consulate while family-based green card is pending || Effect on green card application of change in job duties/salary|| Traveling after green card approval, etc.

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Discussion Topics, Thursday 2 November 2017:

-H1B Amendment Approved without I-94 attached

-Changing from Non-Profit (Cap-Exempt) H1 to Profit (Cap-Subject) H1 and GC filing

- Family based second category GC (F2A)

- Transfer J-1 Visa

- H1 and H4 Extension approvals

- Upgrading H-1 B to premium processing

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Discussion Topics, Thursday 5 October 2017: FAQ: Current immigration/visa options for entrepreneurs || Immigration consequences of a denial of entry at the airport || Status of H-4 EAD litigation/suit ||

Other: Status change while another application is pending (H-1, H-4) || RFE issued AFTER H-1 approval || I-485 Advance Parole staying in the USA after I-94 expiration || Change in job titles effect on green card and H-1 || VAWA for H-4 || Responding to level 1 wage on H-1 RFE || Timing etc. of green card application while H-1 is still in process || Citizenship, effect of non filing of taxes ||Applying for green card for step daughter || I-140 approval uncertain || Effect on H-4 EAD when H-1 loses job || H-4 EAD rule litigation || I-94 approval duration discrepancy || Time lines in green card || Level 1 wage issues

H-1B Visa Stamping in Canada or Mexico; Importance of I-94

Watch the Video on this FAQ: H-1B visa stamping in Canada or Mexico; importance of I-94

Video Transcript

1. You can get your visa stamped in any country which is called Third Country National (TCN) processing. It is a good idea to check with them beforehand. Sometimes if they have too much of a workload, especially in Mexico they might temporarily stop taking TCN's. 

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