USCIS Creates New Webpage for Lockbox Filing Location Updates

Release Date 

USCIS has created a new Lockbox Filing Location Updates page on the website for customers to keep track of updates USCIS makes to lockbox filing locations. You can use this page to easily see which lockbox form filing locations USCIS has updated and when USCIS made the updates. USCIS will update this page regularly, but will always encourage you to check the “Where to File” section of your form’s webpage for the most current information on where to mail your form.

USCIS periodically adjusts filing locations among the lockbox facilities to balance the incoming workload for timely processing.

To receive updates on these lockbox filing location changes, please subscribe to the “Forms Updates” GovDelivery distribution list. In addition to updating the new page, USCIS will issue a GovDelivery email with each filing location update and announce each update through social media.


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