Tampa Asylum Office Moving to New Location

Release Date 

USCIS’ Tampa Asylum Office is moving to a new location. Effective Dec. 11, 2023, the new address will be:

3924 Coconut Palm Drive
Tampa, Florida 33619

The current location will close to the public on Nov. 29, and the new location will open to the public on Dec. 11. USCIS will begin accepting mail at the new location on Nov. 29. However, the Tampa Asylum Office will not have walk-in hours until Dec. 13.

This move will not affect the Tampa Asylum Office’s jurisdiction. The Tampa Asylum Office will continue to adjudicate asylum claims filed by individuals residing in western and northern Florida as well as portions of central Florida.

If you are an asylum applicant and you have been scheduled for an asylum interview, carefully review your interview notice for important information about your asylum interview, including where to go for your interview. As a reminder, asylum interviews are by appointment only. See the Asylum Office locator for more information about asylum office locations and services.


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