Eligibility of Undocumented Immigrants to Obtain a License to Practice Law in California

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The Committee of Bar Examiners (Committee) — the entity within the State Bar of California (State Bar) that administers the California bar examination, investigates the qualifications of bar applicants, and certifies to this court candidates it finds qualified for admission to the State Bar — has submitted the name of Sergio C. Garcia (hereafter Garcia or applicant) for admission to the State Bar. In conjunction with its certification, the Committee has brought to the court‟s attention the fact that Garcia‟s current immigration status is that of an undocumented immigrant,1 and has noted that the question whether an undocumented immigrant may be admitted to the State Bar is an issue that has not previously been addressed or decided by this court. 

For more details please visit this link In re SERGIO C. GARCIA on Admission S202512