CBP Premieres New Welcome Videos for International Air Travelers

WASHINGTON—U.S. Customs and Border Protection welcomes more than 100 million international air travelers to the United States each year. CBP premiered four new videos today that demonstrate the improved international arrivals experience and better explain CBP entry procedures to arriving international travelers. The videos are available in several languages on CBP.gov, will be shown in the international arrivals areas at major airports, and will be provided to airlines and airports to incorporate into their existing traveler communication efforts.

“CBP’s goal is to make the international arrivals experience as secure, welcoming and traveler-friendly as possible,” said Acting Assistant Commissioner for Office of Field Operations John P. Wagner. “These new videos will inform visitors and citizens on CBP procedures so travelers know what to expect prior to arriving in the United States.”

The four videos, “Know Before You Go,” “Know Before You Visit,” “You’ve Arrived,” and “How to Expedite Your Entry” are a fresh approach to CBP's video communication efforts and will highlight the improved international arrivals process.

The “Know Before You Go” and “Know Before You Visit” videos help travelers plan an international trip and gives tips on what to expect upon arriving in the United States.  The videos provide advice for traveling abroad to U.S. citizens in “Know Before You Go” and gives examples such as avoiding the purchase of certain kinds of plants, meats, fruits and vegetables since many are not allowed to be brought back to the United States. In “Know Before You Visit,” international visitors are reminded to have a valid passport and to apply for a visa or an Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) before traveling to the United States.

The “You’ve Arrived” video details every step of the arrivals process for visitors and residents alike, and provides an overview of the innovative, new technology that CBP has implemented to strengthen security and streamline the entry process. The “How to Expedite Your Entry” video helps travelers select the technology that is right for them by explaining the difference between two types of self-service kiosks available at most major airports, Global Entry, for pre-approved members, and Automated Passport Control (APC), for just about everyone else. The video also highlights the new Mobile Passport Control (MPC) app currently being piloted at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

The videos were produced in support of the Administration’s National Travel and Tourism Strategy. In support of this strategy, CBP has improved and transformed its processes, technologies, signage and communications to enhance security and streamline the arrivals process.

CBP is committed to welcoming home citizens and residents, and welcoming international visitors while maintaining the highest standards of security.


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