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Discussion Topics, Sept 29, 2022

STEM extension expiring, options to stay in USA, Is Day 1 CPT it safe and legal?

Parents who are GC holders, applied for reentry permits, left USA; do they need to return to the USA or can they wait till I-131 is processed?

Options if employment-based I-485 is denied?

How can I maintain my H-1B while working outside the USA?

Can I do two STEM OPTs, one after bachelor's and the other after Master's degree?
Other Topics : How to keep my GC if I received it while I was out of USA due to emergency for more than 180 days? || Switching to H-1B status from F1 STEM OPT, effect on H-1B if switching employers before stamping || Can I use my EAD/AP if I have withdrawn my Eb3, which was the underlying petition for 485? || Changing employers as my new H-1B got approved, I-797 is dated Oct 1, 2022, can I start later than Oct 1? Do I need a new stamp if travelling to India? || What will be the effect of October retrogress on my GC processing, application dated 2013? || I-140 approved while in India for last 10 years, can I keep my priority date? || Family based GC options through sister in USA. || EB-5 visa funding options || Kafala in process for an orphan girl, what is the best option to bring the child to USA if we received our DV Immigrant visa recently? || Is it advisable for my son to file OPT EAD as backup if using EB3 GC EAD as dependent? Is diversity visa an option for Dubai born. Can I change to a job with a different title on GC EAD?

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