Recording for June 20, 2024 Conference Call with Rajiv S. Khanna

FAQs: Moving to India in 2025 on H-1B extension, I-140 portability, and future U.S. opportunities || Extending parent's stay in the U.S. beyond six months on a B-2 visa

Others: H-1B stamping and passport renewal to maximize I-94 validity for upcoming India trip || B-2 to F-1 visa: Work authorization, visa stamping, and optimal strategy for a laid-off H-1B professional || Visa options for long-term US employment: H-1B, F-1, L-1, and specialized visas for an AI/ML/Hardware professional || The gap between F-1 OPT expiration and H-4 status validity: Impact on stay and work authorization || PERM refiling: Consequences of office closure and remote work on Prevailing Wage Determination (PWD) and recruitment requirements || Portability and change of status options for H-1B petition approved via consular processing (I-797B) || Will Level 1 wage on H-1B LCA impact extension after 3 years? || Optimizing H1-B spouse's PERM to H-4 EAD transition for continued employment || F-1 status discrepancy: I-94 was not updated after the change of status

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