Recording for June 01, 2023 Conference Call with Rajiv S. Khanna

Discussion Topics, June 1, 2023

Revoked H-1B - Never went for stamping - Cap exempt possibilities?|| L-2 to EB-2 visa - Managing status, backup plans and options during green card processing || Closing an EB-3 I-485 application: Implications for permanent residents with multiple concurrent filings || Using prior employment experience for PERM applications after returning to a former employer || Managing H-1B extension, marriage, and travel plans with pending I-130, I-485, and I-765 applications || Moving to India after obtaining a green card or citizenship: Ensuring permanent residency status || Maintaining status and avoiding disruptions: Utilizing COS to B-2 as a bridge during H-1B max-out || Filing a lawsuit against the State Department for visa bulletin retrogression || EB-2 NIW: Employer's involvement in the petition process and payment || Exploring options for H-1B expiration: Considerations for B-2 visa, H-1B extension, and alternative paths || Taking a break from employment with a pending I-485: Implications, AP expiration, and returning on H-1B || Traveling while green card is pending || Eligibility and restrictions for income and business ventures on H-1B and H-4 EAD visas

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