Recording for June 06, 2024 Conference Call with Rajiv S. Khanna

Discussion Topics, June 6, 2024 FAQs: International Managers (EB-1C) changing jobs under AC21 portability after 180 days || FAQ: H-1B 60 days grace period H-1B transfer; Impact of switching to B-1/B-2; and family visa validity || FAQ: H-1B 60 days grace period to B-2 conversion: Status gap, transitioning back to H-1B; Starting work again

Others: OPT filing, Day 1 CPT transfers, H-1B concerns, and Switching from IT to Civil Engineering || Switching employers with approved I-129 after STEM OPT: Options for returning to the U.S. from India || Applying for F-2 visa after H-1B layoff: Best consulate, Joint application, and Entry requirements || Day 1 CPT to H-1B: Employer change before October 1st and RFE avoidance || Will my spouse and I be interviewed together or separately for the green card? || Travel to Canada with an Expired H-1B stamp and valid I-797 || H-1B visa: Using Upwork as a client (No income received) || Asylum as an option after unsuccessful H-1B lottery attempts and facing challenges returning to India

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