April 14, 2022, Free US Immigration Community Conference Call with Rajiv (Every Other Thursday)


Discussion Topics, Thursday, April 14, 2022:

FAQ: GC-EAD applicant holding multiple jobs and starting own business

Other: Combating marriage disputes during the green card process || Using EAD instead of extending H-1B does family go out of status, interfiling EB-2 to EB-3 ||Traveling outside the U.S. during H-4 EAD process || I-485 Supplement J portability to a new employer under AC21 || Filing for H-1 and L-1 at the same time and options if H-1B approved || GC biometrics appt. location for parents in one state but sponsor in another || 221(g), Class C misdemeanor and traveling with I-797 approval notice || Change of status from L-2 to F-1 || Pending adjudication and Supplement J || How long can I stay outside the U.S. on GC- EAD without risking my GC process? || H-1B visa - job loss, grace period, and new employer submitting a fresh H-1B petition


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