DOS Announces Cut-Off Date for EB-2 Worldwide, Mexico and the Philippines

The Department of State recently posted its July Visa Bulletin indicating that the cut-off date for EB-2 Worldwide, Mexico and the Philippines has regressed to Jan. 1, 2009. The June cut-off date for EB-2 Worldwide, Mexico and the Philippines is "C" for "current." This means that a cut-off date is not specified for these categories through the end of the month.

A visa number is available if the applicant’s priority date is earlier than the cut-off date listed in the Visa Bulletin, or the category has the "C" designation for "current." A visa number must be available during the month the applicant files Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. See our Visa Retrogression webpage for details on cut-off dates.

The EB-2 category is for members of professions with advanced degrees or persons of exceptional ability. All adjustment of status applicants must file Form I-485 with all the required initial evidence described in the form instructions. A key piece of initial evidence is Form I-693, Medical Examination of Aliens Seeking Adjustment of Status.

USCIS strongly encourages adjustment of status applicants to file their Form I-485 with all required initial evidence, including Form I-693. Failure to provide all required initial evidence may result in adjudication delays for Form I-485 and requests for additional benefits, such as employment authorization.


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