July 23, Recording of Free Community Conference Call (Every Other Thursday)

Substantial transcription for video

FAQs: Covid-19/Coronavirus applying for B-2 status || Working from Canada on or off H-1b || How can I qualify for EB-1C/International Managers or Executives ||

OTHER: STEM OPT EAD || Travel on I-539 || AC21 portability || Day trading on H1b (I-140 approved) or on H4? || Can I withdraw the COS to H4 once my H1b is approved? || Green Card expiring, filing I-90? || Disorderly conduct arrest record in the I-485 form || Entry restrictions on visitor visa || Reckless ticket and oath ceremony || Immigration processing delays || Pay on H-4 EAD expiry || Travel to India while the i-539 application is pending ||

Immigration Law

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