Priority Date

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Discussion Topics, Thursday, 10 January 2019:

FAQ: The logistics of porting a priority date, how to? ||Consequences of and logistical problems in dealing with criminal arrests or convictions in immigration cases||What to do when the 240 days H-1B work authorization is expiring?||Downgrading a case from EB2 to EB3 for priority date advantage||

Other: How to calculate H-1B time while the case is pending ||Successor in interest cases ||Transferring family-based cases ||Converting pending H-1B cases to premium ||H-1B visa stamping problems ||CSPA issues while the I 140 is pending||Filing an appeal against H-1B denial ||Effect on employment-based green card of relocation or moving abroad || REmoval of condition on green card through marriage

When to File Your Adjustment of Status Application for Family-Sponsored or Employment-Based Preference Visas: January 2018

Are you seeking to adjust your status and become a U.S. permanent resident under a family-sponsored or employment-based preference immigrant visa? If you have not yet had a relative or employer file an immigrant visa petition on your behalf, please learn more about the Adjustment of Status Filing Process.

Team Notes: 
Substantial transcription for video: 

FAQ: Denial of naturalization/citizenship applications - the new trend || Are there any time limits on how late an I-485 can be filed after the priority dates become current? || Status and unlawful presence questions in the form DS-160

Other: Filing H-1 B amendments while another case is pending ||Temporary EAD for H-4 holders ||Considerations for marriage-based green card ||Consequences of getting laid off on H-1B ||Quota H-1B transfer before October 1 ||H-4 visa stamping ||B visa canceled without prejudice || Adopting a child in H-1B status || Changing jobs after green card approval ||Consequences of H-1B visa denial and what to do thereafter ||Working from home on H-1B


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