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Immigrant Visa Interview - Medical Examination FAQs

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1. Are children required to have chest x-rays or blood tests?
2. What if the applicant is mentally retarded or has a learning disability?
3. What is the legal basis for requesting medical information for visa applicants?
4. What should the applicant expect at the medical examination?

1. Chest X-ray and blood tests are not usually required for children under the age of fifteen.

2. Applicants with mental retardation or learning disabilities must present a report of their condition and any special educational or supervision requirements.

Process After Getting Immigrant Visa

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My mother is currently in the US. She entered based on the Immigration Visa on her passport and gave the sealed packet at the port of entry. We went to to the SSN office but were told that we need to wait for the SSN to come (via mail? - they had no clue). She wants to leave in the next few weeks. Questions:
1. Can she reenter without a physical GC in hand? She was told it takes 6-8 months to come at port of entry.
2. How do we get her SSN? Is it mailed automatically?
3. What else should I be aware of before she leaves the US?

Make an infopass appointment and get her passport stamped for temporary proof of green card. She can travel with that. Normally, the physical GC takes just a few weeks. I am not concerned about SSN. That will arrive eventually. But do review my blog videos about I-131 and maintaining green card, etc.

Applicant Accompanied by a Third Party for an Interview

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May a third party (spouse, sponsor, etc.) accompany an applicant to an interview for a Nonimmigrant or Immigrant Visa?

The State Department says that on the Immigrant Visa side, the petitioner may accompany the beneficiary if a petitioner is in the Consulate city at the time of the interview.  The interviewing officer will speak to the petitioner only if he/she determines it is necessary to assess the case.  Applicants under 17 years old MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian on the Nonimmigrant Visa side. 

L-1 to GC

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I am on L-1 visa until 2015, according to my employer's attorney the I-140 form was already approved, now my employer does not want to continue with the I-485 form process (because they don't want to pay attorney's fees) and will not release any information related to my case, do I have any chance to continue with the GC process by myself? Or will I be facing deportation at the L-1 visa expiration date?

There is no problem with you paying the I-485 fees. But the employer must be involved to the extent that they need to provide a (truthful) letter evidencing continuity of your employment.

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