EB1 Green Card

EB1- Outstanding Researcher

We won this case for an applicant with over twelve years research experience.  We were able to provide evidence to reflect the multiple contributions to the metallurgy and metal physics industry made by the applicant.  He was the recipient of numerous international awards.  He was also a member of many prestigious professional societies.

EB1 - Outstanding Researcher

We won this case for the applicant who had an extensive publication record with over 40 publications at the time of filing.  The recommendation letters noted his extraordinary talents and unique background as well as his vast knowledge in optical telecommunications.  This applicant was requested to review for a world-renowned electrical engineering professional society journal.

EB1 - Alien of Extraordinary Ability and EB2 - National Interest Waiver

We won both an EB1 Alien of Extraordinary Ability case and a National Interest Waiver for this applicant.  He was noted as being an exceptionally qualified, brilliant and outstanding researcher amongst an international peer group.  We provided copies of his substantial publication record as well as evidence of his numerous "invited" presentations.  This applicant had patented material which was identified as innovative and pioneering in the field and admired by top researchers.

Guestbook Entry for Dr. Jitendra A. Joshi, United States

Dr. Jitendra A. Joshi
United States

When I applied for the green card, Attorney Khanna was kind enough to spend one hour with me talking about the process and the work that will need to be performed in order to file the papers. We also talked a little bit about the meaning of life which was refreshing. He mentioned that Diane Lombardo who asists him will be incharge of my case and said that she is thorough and there should be no problem. He completely understated the capabilities of Diane. She is very thorough and to say the least one of the most thorough people I have ever worked with. Her attention to detail and thoroughness was impressive. My I-140 had a record turn around of 45 days from the date of mailing to approval notice. My EAD came back for in 14 days. This was mainly due to Diane's hard work. Since my filing I have referred 2 other people to Attorney Khanna.

EB1 - Outstanding Researcher/Professor

We were able to provide evidence of this individual's membership in a prestigious professional society, international honors and numerous letters of recommendation from industries leading scientists.  This individual acted as a judge of the work of his research peers.  We were able to provide 15 letters of recommendation reflecting the innovative work performed by this applicant.  We also provided evidence to show the extensive citations of his findings.

EB1 - Outstanding Researcher/Professor

We won this case for an applicant with over sixteen years research experience.  She had a substantial publication record.  Her expertise was sought for a collaboration with top researchers from the industry.  Her contributions to research and academics and her significant international recognition were described in detail in the ten exceptional recommendation letters.

EB1 - Outstanding Researcher

We won this case by submitting evidence of this applicant's substantial publication record as well as numerous recommendation letters which outlined the innovative work performed by the applicant.  In addition, referees described the applicant as "one of the best in the field" for his significant discoveries in the biological chemistry industry.  The applicant was employed with a very prestigious research institute which only hires the top scientists in the world.

EB1 - Outstanding Researcher/Professor

We won this case by providing evidence of the impact of the work this applicant was conducting in her field.  Numerous referees provided detailed recommendation letters outlining the necessity for the continued efforts of this applicant.  Her teaching capabilities were noted as being far superior to others in her field. This applicant's unique background was shown to be scarce in the United States.

EB1 - Alien of Extraordinary Ability

We won this case stressing the international scope of the extraordinary work that this applicant had done over the course of many years.  He was identified by experts around the world as belonging to the top 5% of scientists in his field.  His innovative and pioneering work was admired by his research peers around the globe.  Many U.S. educational institutes were seeking his services as a research professor.  This applicant was "invited" to present his research findings on countless occasions to an audience of the top researchers in the world.