Thanks to Rajivji - my citizenship journey

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Arvind Apte
United States

Very good news.
I got my citizenship on Jan. 21,2016 in a timeline of 5 months.
Major credit goes to Rajivji and his team for valuable advice.
I received my GC in Oct. 2010 and wanted to apply for citizenship in 2015 after complying all the requirements. At that time my friends and a reputed lawyer told me that my application will be denied due to the outside trips which I took every year and for long duration after my GC, though the reason for those trips was genuine as per me,and should apply after 2 years continuous stay in US and I decided to do so but I was destined to meet Rajivji. I fixed up an appointment with him and sought his advice via conf. call. He listened to me very patiently and advised me that my reason for long outside trip was really genuine and I should apply for citizenship without any hesitation or apprehension. His advice was confident, convincing and friendly as if I was discussing with a senior member in my family which prompted me to hold a pen and complete the application immediately and I did it and the outcome is naturalization certificate on Jan 21,2016 just after 5 months wait.

My sincere lot many thanks to Rajivji and his office staff. I highly recommend his offices for any case of immigration for 100% success.
Processing timeline
08/22/2015. Mailed N400
08/24/2015. Received by USCIS
08/26/ 2015 Acknowledgement
09/17/2015 FP taken
09/21/2015. Status--- in line for interview 
10/30/2015. Status--- interview scheduled
11/05/2015. Received interview letter 
12/07/2015. Interview at San Antonio, TX
12/15/2015. Status-- in line for oath
12/22/2015. Status -- oath scheduled
12/26/2015. Letter for oath ceremony
01/21/2016. Oath ceremony at San Antonio

Citizenship and Naturalization: