Thank you for the very useful website

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United States

First of all thank you for the very useful website. Over the years I have used it frequently to check on the sometimes incredible information the INS (and successors) have told me and gauge how my progress through the INS labyrinth compared to others.

My own immigration story began when my then employer brought me to the US on an L1B in 1998. My employment based permanent residence petition was abandoned in 2001 when I lost employment authorization through my L1B when my employer made me redundant in the ‘Telecom Crash’. Fortunately, I had married a US Citizen in 2000 and was able to file a family based permanent residence petition in 2001 and also obtain an EAD. That PR petition, through the US Embassy in London even though I lived in GA, had many twists and turns but eventually gave me a GC in December 2001, much sooner than online indications. My naturalization application submitted in December 2004 (through CA) also proceeded faster than online status lists.

That brings me to why I have asked for removal from the mail list. I was naturalized on 7/4/2005 and no longer have such a pressing curiosity about immigration matters.

Thank you again for your website’s content.

  1. First foot-fall in US with L1B: 3/17/1998
  2. Made redundant (RIF) and lost employment authorization through L1B: 5/2/2001
  3. Filed PR & EAD petitions (family based): 5/5/2001
  4. Granted conditional PR: 12/3/2001
  5. Conditions on PR removed: Dec 2003
  6. Filed for naturalization: Dec 2004
  7. Naturalized: 7/4/2005