Significance of Dream Act

Victor Gonzalez
United States

I was born in Mexico and I was brought to the US at the age of 3. Like many other people in my situation, I was brought here by my mom to provide a better education. I am now 18, just started college and due to my status I am struggling to keep up paying my tuition. I am forced to work, and feel that we should all get an equal opportunity in education. Through the years, I have acquired great knowledge thanks to the schools of this great country. I graduated from my High School with the third highest honors Ephebian, and a 3.33 GPA. What is all of this great hard work worth for when you are being denied your privilege of an education. I have been in multiple activities like leadership, R.O.T.C., NCLR Escalera Project, Play production and in Boy Scouts with the rank of Life. I am a hard worker and I think I deserve the benefits that other students get in this country. I feel I can contribute a lot to this country and especially if I plan to become a doctor. I know for a fact that this country would benefit from our hard work. It is of great significance that the Dream act gets passed, not only for the students sake but for the sake of this country.

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