Post Naturalization Interview

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United States

I filed my N400 on 25 oct 2011 when completed 4years 9 months of my Legal residency. FP was done on 14 Nov2011. Naturalization interview was on 21 Dec 2011 at San Jose . The officer was extremely nice and cordial. I had an issue of 182 days in one trip and total 846 days away from USA, total 6trips. As advised by Rajiv, I enclosed a letter with N400 about visiting India to see my aged mother yearly who passed away this year and explained the over stay due to my younger brother daughter's marriage as Host after my father's death. Also enclosed mother's death certificate and marriage invitation and photo. interview over 21 Dec San Jose. Interview went off very well . Passed English US History and Government. I was told I will be completing 5 years on 10 Jan 2012 He did not tick col A congratulation. ticked B 'A decision cannot be made about your application'. He informed a letter will come around 2nd week January. The point is the officer read my letter in my presence only and not asked any question on over stay or India trips . He got the forms and photographs signed by me. But no approval now. There is some suspense now; not knowing whether any thing else needed before I get my approval letter. worried. Can Some body clarify on this.

Citizenship and Naturalization: