I'm lucky to be alive

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United States

On Thursday around 7:15AM, when I was two blocks away from immigration office in Atlanta for my Naturalization interview, I had a car accident. A black Suburban hit my car and ran away, my car spun out about 5 times, air bags were deployed, but thanks God I didn't suffer any physical damage. My Interview had been scheduled for 8:20AM

I had to wait one hour until police officer appeared, made the report and my car was towed. I was so afraid because I was pretty sure I was going to miss my interview, finally I was released by the police officer, then I ran two blocks to the immigration and arrived just on time!

30 minutes later I was called by an Immigration Officer (28 years old African American lady), we went two her office, she asked me to raise my right hand and swear to tell the truth so I did it, then she started asking me the questions from N-400 document, then she started the questions from naturalization test, once I answered the question number 6 she stopped the interview and told me I passed the test and I was recommended for approval and I had two wait for the oath letter to be mailed.

Next day I received a call from insurance company and told me that my car was declared as a total lost.

The day of my Naturalization almost was the last day of my life, thanks God I keep my life and passed the test!

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