Decision can not yet be made at interview - two A files

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United States

I attended the Naturalization Interview today June 10th at the Newark USCIS office. The officer went over application and asked a few questions. 

And then, he went on to give the English, History and govt test. he asked me to write a simple sentence and then asked me about 6 questions, all of which were from the 96 questions on the USCIS web site.

After the interview, the officer handed me the N-652 form, which has the following boxes checked:

1. You have passed the tests of English and U.S History and Government.

And, the officer also checked the line which says:

B) A decision cannot yet be made about your application.

he noticed that I have a second A file. He will request he case file so that they can consolidate both them into one file. he also said, this is not out of the normal and they should receive the file in a couple of weeks after which they will mail me the decision letter.

I have never B1, L1 and H1 visa, I am on USA right from first day with family based green card and applied for N-400 after 5 years.

How is this possible, I thought everyone is supposed to have only one A file? Has anyone else heard of such an occurance? And, would anyone know potentially how long I would have to wait to hear from the USCIS?

thank you in advance for your help.

Newark DO
11/26/07: Mailed N-400
02/06/08: FP done
03/28/08: called USCIS - informed me that Name check is cleared - in queue for interview letter
04/24/08: Rec'd interview letter
06/10/08: interview done - decision can not be made at this time

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