Interview in Tampa

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United States

So, we had our interview in Tampa. We waited for about an hour and begin to get worried when people arriving after us started to get called in. Eventually after waiting for an hour we were called. the officer was nice and courteous. He asked for our ID's then a few questions about how and when we came about living on this planet. Then he
went back and forth with questions about how we met, when, where got got married and why, how long we had been together before and after the marriage. He asked questions randomly, sometimes from the past sometimes from the present. Then he asked questions about my daughter because i didn't filed for her separately which I should have. I told him the story about how I had and then it all got rejected. Unfortunately I didn't have her paperwork with me so he gave me his number to call him when I get
home with the MSC numbers. Then he asked my questions about ever being arrested etc and then said that my application was approved, he was satisfied with everything.
After that he stamped my passport and told me that I should get my card in 2 weeks.