Interview on Feb. 22nd at Chicago DO, and I am approved !!!

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United States

We had our interview appointment at 11.05. We left home at about 8.00. And of course, Chicago would not be Chicago if there was no traffic jam, so we left the highway to take an alternate route. After spotting the INS building, we looked for a parking. We enter the building at 10.00.
The security went fast and we went to the 2nd floor where we waited for about 1 hour and 45 minutes !! Yes, so long ! The guy called us at 11.45 and we took the elevator to the 23rd floor where the small waiting room was full. We waited there another 20-25 minutes, and then a man came from the hallway and called my name. We followed him in his office. He went out and came back with toys for my daughter to play with. I can tell you she was very happy to see them because she was getting impatient with all the wait !! The officer swore us in and we sat down. He asked us for ID's. He then asked us if we were at the same address, we said yes. Here are the questions he asked me :
- my I-94 (I gave him my son's and my expired passports with them inside, he took the I-94's and gave the passports back) ;
- my date of birth ;
- my social security # ;
- if I was employed.
He asked for the originals of birth certificate, marriage certificate. Also for copies, that he took for the file.
While I was answering, he wrote every answer with a red pencil on the I-485 that I submitted few months ago. Then he turned towards my husband and asked his date of birth. He then asked for my husband's paystubs and proof of employment letter. I gave again originals and copies. He smiled and asked my husband, joking, how many jobs did he got. He then gave a paper to my hubby to sign and date (I didn't even read what was on there, but I know now that's regarding our I-130's), he did that and then I signed and dated the paper. He made a joke with my son and asked him his date of birth. My son told him and I think the officer was impressed he knew it, hahaha...
He asked for my son's original birth certificate and then the copy. Then the same for my husband's. He gave another paper to my husband to sign and date, then to my son.
After that he asked for documents on both our names and I gave him copies of :
- gas bills,
- phone bills,
- bank statements,
- car insurance,
- house papers.
He made a few jokes asking my son if he was married, had a job and kids. We laughed. Then I saw him put a stamp on the docs and saw a red APPROVED on it ! Yay ! I said to myself. I didn't show my emotions, of course. He gave us the papers where it's written that we have been granted the LPR status. Oh ! I almost forgot to tell that he stamped our passports and told us the GC should arrived in 2 weeks .
He said to us Good luck to you ! and asked us if we had any questions for him. I asked him if he wanted to see some pictures (that reminds me of someone ) and he said he did not needed to !
We shake hands, thank him and left his office.
Man, in the elevator, I kissed my hubby, I was so excited.
I know I have been boring to you all with my questions and all !! I thank everyone in this forum who helped me answer the questions I asked. Thanks for all the advices and support that you gave. We really need that !
Jane, my dear, a special thanks to you !
I am sorry not to have posted the interview experience yesterday, but I was so tired !!
Overall the officer was very pleasant, nice and kind of friendly . The interview last for about 30 minutes but he took most of that time to punch-hole every doc I gave to him !
I am relieved, you know the feeling, right ?
To everybody, God bless ! Thanks again for all the help !