Interim EAD by noon

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United States

I went to Arlington, Virginia for a walk-in on Wednesday (April 14). As of the 7th, they dont take walkins on Wednesday afternoon. I was told to come back the next day at 7:30.

I cam back on 15 at 7 AM (there were already 100
people in front of me). They opened at 7:30 and we were directed a room in the secon floor. Waited in the room until 10.00 and was told that I would receive the EAD the same day. I waited some more in a different room and obtained my interim EAD little after noon.

Few things to note:

1, There were two immigration officers. One who checked IDs to see if you were from Virginia or DC. He turned the rest away. The other officer did not seem to care.

2, The quickest way, I was told, is to make an appointment with the 1-800 number that will substantially reduce the delay. Make and appointment before 11.00. They process the appointments before walkins.

3, This is a pilot program and might change anytime. This is what the immigration officer said.

So, as of now, any DC or virginia resident should be able to pick up the interim EAD card on the same day.

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