Interim EAD Issuance at Jacksonville, FL

United States

My prossessing of the EAD took more than the 90 days (Big Surprise) so I booked an appointment through Infopass for 7:30 this morning. I arrived at 7:15 and walked right in. Thanks to the notes on this site I already had a I-765 filled out and I was finished the checkup in 12 minutes. Most of that time was spent watching the agent pulling things up and printing them. Then he had to photocopy my Driver's License. He told me that another person actually made the cards and he didn't start doing that until 11:00 and gave me a pass to get back in. When I arrived, the guy who does the actual cards started at 12:00 not 11:00 and I was out of there in another 15 minutes. Everyone I dealt with were very pleasent, even the guards. They didn't even check my passport.

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