Interim EAD at Houston USCIS office

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United States

"Went to the local Houston USCIS office by 4:50 am on friday Jul 11, 2003 and found myself behind 100 people (folks camping out...looked like a slumber party. They sure let us in by 6:15am and got a number (186) & processed by around 12:45pm.

The duty officer wanted receipt notices (over 90-day proof), the original I-765 application (she scanned for the $$ check copy). She was flipping some pages and I promptly proceeded to hand over an employer letter stating to expedite. Looked like she was pleased, wrote control A numbers, stapled everything, and said she will make an effort for making an interim EAD by asking me to wait (if not I should come another day). After 10min, someone called my name, took a picture and gave me an 90-day EAD valid (old one was confiscated)."

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