IEAD experience at Newark, NJ

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United States

Myself and my wife applied for EAD on 12/13/2004. I got approved in a week but she did not get approval. So, We took the appointment at Newark, NJ at 7:45 AM on 04/22/2005.

We reached 970 Broad St, Newark ,NJ at 5 AM. No one was there and waited outside of the builing. People started coming after 6:15 AM. By 7:30 AM there were around 40-50 people around.

We were the first one to go into the building. They started allowing at 7:30 AM and went inside and waited 2 min at the security and went 3rd floor. At the 3rd floor they asked appointment letter and ID (Driving license) and directed to where we supposed to go.

At the counter she asked appointment letter (Infopass) + Employment authorization receipt notice (90 days older). She gave token number i.e., (E001) (E means EAD) and asked us to go counters 21-25 area. (i.e., EAD waiting room)

At 8:05 AM another lady called us and asked token number + Appointment Letter + Receipt Notice and asked us to wait....

After 30-40 min (around 8:45 AM) one old guy called on Token number and said it was denied due to no pending 485 application. When we showed pending 485 receipt notices then he asked us to wait and went inside.

At 9:10 AM one lady came out and called on Last name and asked my wife to come inside for photo and mentioned EAD got approved.

At 9:20 AM we were given IEAD card and out of the building by 9:30 AM.

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