H-1 Visa Stamping at Toronto

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United States

Having benefited a lot by reading all the posts here, just want to share my experience to benefit others.

• Haven’t been back home for over 10 years since first entry to the States.
• Status: J-1 -> F-1 -> H1 -> F-1 -> H-1
• Canadian PR 

Scheduled the appointment in Toronto with the new system (I think it is much easier to book appointment now than the older system).

Drove to Toronto 2 days before the appointment

In the morning of appointment:

• Check appointment letter
• Security check (make sure no cell phone)
• First screen ( I don’t know why they have two interviews, but I guess this step is to make sure you have all the documents ready and check your status to make sure you are legal at US if you come for a return visa?)
• Wait for finger print -> Finger print -> Wait for interview
• Questions I can remember:
Your purpose to US?
What is your responsibility?
Why US? Why this company?
How did you know this company?
What is your degree? 
Which school did you graduate?
Any relative in the State? What do they do?
Any kids?
What is your purpose to Canada?
Your visa is approved.

I waited 7 business days to get my visa. I guess this may caused by the new system. Be patient (I was nervous)

My advise to you is to stay confident, be prepared (do some study on possible interview questions), dress business.

Good luck to all of you.

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