EAD Renewal

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United States

My wife's EAD expired last month and she stopped working till today. She applied renewal in December, 2003. We waited till 90 days is complete and went to local USCIS office on 3/22/2003. It is a walk in. The lady in reception verified the I-765 receipt. After making sure that 90 days have lapsed. She asked us to fill some paper work and wait in the adjoining hall. The office called her and collected her Driver's License and expired EAD. After verification he returned Driver's License and asked her to get her picture taken in the next room. Once the picture was taken, interim EAD is taken it took just 10 more minutes for them to print the Interim EAD and give it to us. EAD was given for 3 months period. Hopefully, we will get our approval of I-485 by then.

We have responded the RFE last week. The total process took like 1 hour from the time of entering the building to leaving. We were among the first dozen to enter the building. So, as can be guessed, we waited almost 1 hour outside till the office is opened for public at 07:00 AM.

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