US citizenship inteview in NY

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United States
Hi to all! I want to tell you my experince. My interview was on 2/2/2006 in Plaza,NY. I was called after 5 hours, but interview lasted for 15 minutes only.. Immigration lady spoke with a heavy accesent, like russian or slovakian and so fast!!? I can hardly understand her! Anyway, I passed the Interview, but to my surprise she asked for more documents, like phone bills,morgage, lights bill, joint account, health insurance since 2002! I was lucky to have most of papers like health insurance, joint account, but who has morgage, phone, light bills since 2002? Legally you destroy all this after 3 years! And the way we moved to so many states, who need to keep them?
After Interview she gave me a form N-652, that I passed, but decision pending!
When I got this form I told her, that I have most documents with me, so do you, because I send them before and saw my file was full. Anyway, dont argue with them, I just felt she did not want to spend time looking througth! Her answer was to "go to the girls and they will help you"!My citizenship was based marriage to an American, who was in the Navy for 25 years serving his country!
Is that the way to treat us like skam bags?

Anyway, we went to the "girls window'' as was described. We met a superviser, but a lady in her 50th, took our documents, and promised will be fine. She said the letter for my oat to be expected a in 30-60 days time.
Im happy, that its almost over, with former INS, and I and my husband still feel disgusted, the attitude, overall, I said all!!!!!! I wish to say something positive!

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