My Citizenship Interview Experience

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United States
It is my turn today to share Citizenship interview experience with you guys, which was indeed a pleasant one.

Citizenship Journey started on 8/3/09 with submission of application via Fedex Overnight. My interview was at 8:30AM, reached there around 7:30AM, submitted the interview letter at the receptionist window and name was called by a courteous immigration officer at ~ 8:15AM. He just interviewed lady from India and escorted her back to waiting room before calling in my name.

After approaching his office and before sitting, asked me to take the oath to tell truth. As soon as we sat he asked for my GC & DL and said "Let's have the tough part of the interview first". I was like "??????". He then said "What does the cabinet do?". "sighhhh..."I thought and answered "Advises the President"; which he wrote with red pen on paper where he read the question from. He then asked 5 more questions which I answered all correctly. "Good you passed the test" He said. Now Lets move to the second part. "Can you read this sentence?". Columbus came to America (or something of that sort). He said "Good, you part second part too. Now last and final. Write down here (on a piece of paper) Columbus day is in October". I wrote that and test finished. "Very Good, so you cleared the exam".

Application review process started after successful completion of the test. Started going over all the pages in order and marking information with red pen. He said "You just went to India once ?". "Yes, for 13 days including travel time" I replied, and he moved forward to next section. Note that, I visited COP just once with my renewed NP and for very genuine reason. I had my passport, reason for the visit and documents related to it available but was never asked for. Went over the traffic ticket information. I had printout from DMV and Traffic ticket payment records from online. I offered him the papers, he simply punched them and added to the file without even reviewing or asking about any tickets. Then he asked section H very clearly and I responded "YES" to all; asked me to sign section 13 and 14. Took my pictures from a small ziploc bag (which I did not used during application submission, seems like USCIS takes good care for you picture ) and asked to write first and last name on both of them.

And there comes final long awaited words which were like music to the ears "I am approving your application, are you feeling better now?". I was like "Yes. Thank you." and in my mind "dude, are you kidding me ? ". Printer did its intended operation and there comes N-652, "Here is the proof that your application is approved today". He ticked out 2 options "# 1 "and section "A) Congratulations ......". Gave me another piece of paper about information on oath ceremony to review and asked if I have any question, to which I quickly reviewed and said "No". He then quickly mentioned about time it takes for ceremony to occur (4-5 hours and parking related stuff) and welcome to bring family and guests at the ceremony. I inquired about if he is going to give me Oath letter same day (yeah rite, you wish ) or I will get in mail, to which he responded that I should get it in mail and oath could be any time between now and January.

After all this he closed my file which was about 4-5 inches thick and I bet has all my application and papers submitted to USCIS till date. He started talking about housing market and economy and we chatted around 7-10 minutes on this topic. I think this took more time then actual review of the application . He then escorted me back to the waiting area and wish good luck. I thanked him again, wish him nice day & weekend and left.

Remember that every case, individual situation, immigration officer and information submitted in application is unique. So please don't compare and apply one's situation and outcome of case to yours. Keep your response & answer simple, clear and to the point. Avoid offering long answers and explanations unless asked for, this can warrant for more questions. Go over your application before interview to ensure you remember what you have written and submitted with application.

So folks this is my interview experience, hope this will help some. I would like to thank each one of you for your contributions to the forum, sharing experiences and making it a successful community. This has been a great journey, it still reminds me of those GC days and long waits in 2005. Hope I will get my oath letter and oath ceremony done soon.

Wish you all, best of luck to achieve this important goal in land of the free and the home of the brave!.

Cheers and God bless all.

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