Citizenship interview experience

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United States
(0) arrive at USCIS building
(1) pass secuty check
(2) go to designated floor
(3) check in with the receptionist
(4) sit in the pew, waiting to be called
(5) Go to an IO's office or cubicle you can overhear other interviews
(6) If represented by a lawyer but layer is not present, sign the release form
(7) Take an oath to tell truth.
(8) IO ask some questions, verify your ID
(9) THE IO ask if any thing changes since you sent N-400
(10) IO go over some N-400 questions and you answer verbally, if some Yes to seom sesitive question g to (11) otherwise go to (12)
(11) give your explanation why you answer Yes to certain questions
(12) civic tests - up to 10 questions
(13) read one English sentence
(14) Write down one Enlish sentence the IO read
(15) be handeed the intervie result letter
(16) Say good bye and thanks. If the same day oath is there go to (17) otherwise go to (18)
(17) Oath , the detailed experience of which can be another topic
(18) Exit the IO's office
(19) Exit the floor by stair or elevator
(20) exit the USCIS building
(21) go home
03/25/2009 - N400 sent
04/28/2009 - FP
05/15/2009 - IL received but interview was descheduled three times over a 7 month period
01/07/2010 - The USCIS interview receptionist called by phone for interview appointment next tuesday
01/12/2010 - Interview (20 min - decision can not be made)
02/06/2010 - Oath letter received
02/24/2010 - Oath
03/04/2010 - Passport application
03/24/2010 - passport book received
03/26/2010 - passport card received & certificate returned
Citizenship and Naturalization: