Biometrics Experience

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United States

Just came back with my wife from biometrics. I live near Buffalo NY (like my nickname doesn't hint that ), so it took us just 20 min to get there. You can park in the back of the building as there is paid parking ($15 for the day, no hourly option- ripoff!) As we entered the building at around 8:15 AM we were asked by the guard to state the nature of our visit, we showed him the fingerprint appointment notices, then we had to go through the metal detector. Then we were directed to the large lobby where we found fingerprinting area. We signed in. There were about 5 names above ours. While filling out documents, we were asked to show our Biometric Notification. The lady noticed that our appointment is not till next Monday. She asked why we were there. I explained that my wife has college on Mondays and she doesn't want to miss school. It was not a pleasant experience for me since then. The Fingerprinting and photo was pretty much silent. There is much more to it but i will not mention anything until after oath. My wife on the other hand had a very nice younger lady taking care of her.
The walk-in experience in Buffalo leaves me bitter-sweet. I'm glad that I did it. I hope this older lady is not so mean to every person that goes there. People are stressed already and they don't need anybody adding to it.
The best thing is that they did not have anybody after us! So it was not like they had 20 people in the line!
My advice- go early, before a lot of people get there. My original time was @10 AM, I assume that is when most people have their appointments.

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