Brand-new EAD

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United States

Got there at 6am and there were already about 80 people ahead of us.
At 6:15 they started handing out tickets. At 7:30 we had ours.
Went inside to sit down and at 7:45 our number came up. Handed over copies of the I-765 and I-485 receipt notices (it speeds up things if they do not have to make the copies) and newly filled out I-765s (they want them).

Sat down again and at 8:00 our names were called. Got a large sealed envelope and were instructed to drive to the USCIS support office a couple of miles away. Handed over the envelope and after about 15 minutes we were called in. They took our picture and after another 15 minutes we had our EAD!

Drove to the SSA office from there and applied for an SSN with the brand-new EAD. Wait was about 15 minutes. We were told the SS card will arrive in the mail in 6-8 weeks.

At 11AM we were all done!

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