Applied for EAD renewal MAY 2004

United States

Applied for INFOPASS appointment on completion of 90 days.

Went Federal plaza @12pm for a 1pm appointment, promptly admitted.

Directed to third floor no one on line, given a number and I765 to fill up and asked to go to 9th floor.

When I got off the elevator, and entered the room my number was called ( that fast, fortunately I took an I 765 form all filled up, or else I wouldn't have time to even complete it!!!)

1.30 hours wait for processing and photos/finger print etc.

Out at 2pm with 8 month interim EAD. Fast courteous and easy!.

ADVICE: Make the infopass appointment early( They only open up slots for two weeks at a time and they go quickly)

GO early, take all relevant docs...take a filled I765.

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