USCIS Updates Answers for Civics Test

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As you study for the U.S. history and government (civics) test, make sure that you know the most current answers to these questions.  Periodically, answers change to reflect the results of federal and state elections and appointments or to clarify content and ensure consistency in terminology. The revised answers to the questions below are effective immediately.



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USCIS Announces Citizenship and Integration Grant Opportunities

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is now accepting applications for two funding opportunities under the Citizenship and Integration Grant Program. These are competitive grant opportunities for organizations that prepare permanent residents for naturalization and promote civic integration through increased knowledge of English, U.S. history and civics. The two programs will provide up to $10 million in grants for citizenship preparation programs in communities across the country. Applications are due by April 22.

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In line for an interview over 2months

United States

I had my interview at 10:15 on Jan 26 (Seattle, WA). I arrived at 9:45 but they wouldn't let me check in til exactly 15 mins before the interview time. They ran late so they only called me at saw me at 10:45. It took 30 mins. The officer interviewing me was quite young and initially very formal but by the end he was chatting with me, really friendly and nice. Went over every page of my application and asked me to answer pretty much all the questions orally to check my answers against the form.

Citizenship and Naturalization: 
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Discussion Topics, Thursday, 14 January 2016:

FAQ: Percentage arrangement for salary; Naturalization (citizenship) after lengthy stay abroad; H-1 6 years expiring, options; H-1 Cap exemption, visa stamped, but never worked; FAQ: Can I apply for H-4 visa if H-1 visa is rejected; can I convert from H-4 to H-1; Filing multiple PERM/green card petitions; Green card EB-1C international executive or manager, L-1A.
Other: Entering USA close to visa expiration; L-1B to L-1A and PERM; Transfer of priority date, green card through future employment, H-4 EAD based upon old employer’s I-140; H-4 EAD applying for green card, extending H-1; H-4 to H-1 conversion; Green card through future employer; Green card job duties, job title, promotion; G-315a RFE; Affidavit of birth; H-4 EAD and Change of Status; Priority date transfer, etc.

Naturalization Delays

I am living in Lexington, Ky. My wife and I filed N-400 for citizenship on 2nd Feb 2015. Our 5 years’ green card date was 14th April 2015. My wife already got her interview, oath, passport done 3.5 months back but I am still waiting for my interview. Its already 9.5 months. Our field office is in Louisville, KY and their website shows that their processing time is 5 months. My application is way beyond 5 months. I did submit case inquiries and first time (9/11/15) they told me that “Due to workload unrelated to your case there is a delay” and second time 10/15/15 they told me that “security clearance is being done”. I took the infopass and went to Louisville field office. They told me that my case is with “national service center” I think and they are waiting for security clearance. Just wondering, is there a time limit to the security clearance?

See clip from Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna's conference call video that addresses this question.

Unless the context shows otherwise, all answers here were provided by Rajiv and were compiled and reported by our editorial team from comments and blog on

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Substantial transcription for video: 

Topics Discussed, Thursday, 3 December 2015:

FAQ: How to calculate dates from visa bulletin; FAQ: What is I-485 Preadjudicate/Preadjudication? How soon must I join my future green card employer? Immigration implications of crime; petty offense exception; admissions and convictions; 212(d)(3) and other waivers; Naturalization delays; Birth certificate late registration and secondary evidence; H-1 status pregnancy and FMLA; 
Other: Conversion from H-1 to H-4 to H-1 visa stamping; Vaccinations requirements for immigration; Is there a charge for I-140 revocation; H-4 EAD issues including travel and visa stamping; F-1 OPT eligibility; Changing employers I-140, I-485, H-1 issues; Changing employers effect on priority date and H-4 EAD; F-1 status – distance of home from college; H-1 quota where earlier approved then came on F-1; H-1 telecommuting; H-1 quota and stay calculation, etc.

Naturalization Interview Experience

United States

02/06/14: N-400 couriered to Phoenix, AZ - Santa Ana CA DO
02/07/14: Delivered
02/07/14: Priority Date
02/12/14: Check Cashed
02/14/14: Received NOA letter
02/21/14: Online Status FP appointment notice mailed
02/24/14: Received FP Notice - 03/04/14
02/25/14: FP done - walk-in Santa Ana CA
03/03/14: Online Status Changed to "In Line"
07/18/14: Received Interview Letter
08/20/14: Interview

Citizenship and Naturalization: 


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