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Citizenship Interview Experience at Seattle Office

United States

Finally after a very long wait, we had our interviews yesterday at the USCIS Seattle office. The interview and tests went well and the officer let us know that she was approving our citizenship cases and asked whether we would like to attend our oath ceremony the same day. We attended the oath ceremony at 1:00 PM yesterday and received our citizenship certificates. So to answer your question, yes the Seattle office has same day oath ceremonies all 4 week days except Fridays (I asked).

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USCIS Policy Alert on the Biometrics Requirement for Naturalization

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is updating policy guidance in the USCIS Policy Manual to specify that every naturalization applicant must provide biometrics regardless of age, unless the applicant qualifies for a fingerprint waiver due to certain medical conditions.

For detail information, please read attached document.
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Traveling after applying for naturalization/citizenship pending

1. My husband and I are planning to apply for citizenship and had Green Card for the 9 years. We are planning to travel to India for approx. 3 weeks in spring (March 2017)?
2. Can I travel after filling application for citizenship?
3. Should I plan that after biometrics or can be before that as well?
4. The Green Card expires Nov. 2017?
5. Also, is employment necessary or helpful when applying?
6. Do we have to reside in USA 3 months at a stretch?

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Finally US Citizen!!!!!

United States

Finally the last Friday, Jan 17th I became an American Citizen, it's was a easy, quickly and simple ceremony at 26 Federal Plaza, I was request to be there at 11:00 am, when arrive to the place a big line inside was waiting for me but was fast, them I went to the 3rd floor, make another line with my letter and GC, a few minutes later I was lil interview about the questions on the letter and give my GC to the officer, them somebody show me my seat, almost full with like 150 people from 57 diferent countries.

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